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The DOC wines are distinguished by a very specific area of origin and are regulated by a production regulation, which establishes:

  • the denomination of origin (the name of the DOC)
  • the production area of the grapes
  • the maximum yield of grapes and wine per hectare
  • the minimum alcoholic strength of the grapes
  • physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the wine, the minimum alcoholic strength of the wine
  • production conditions (climate, terrain, altitude, exposure, etc.)
  • vineyard composition, plant density, farming methods, pruning systems
  • methods of organoleptic examinations
  • minimum period of aging in wood and / or aging in bottle
  • possible bottling in delimited areas.

The DOC wines are also subject to chemical-physical and organoleptic tests, performed by ad hoc commissions, during the production phase.

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