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As you can read easily on Wikipedia, the denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin, known as DOCG, is an Italian brand that indicates to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine, produced, in fact, in certain geographical areas, indicated, together to all other technical specifications, in a specific production specification.

The legislation on the subject, as for the DOC, since 2010, ie the approval of the New Ocm Wine, has been included in the category of DOP, and the prerogative of approval is now in the Community, whereas previously it was proceeded by Ministerial Decree.

The DOCG wines, as mentioned, are regulated by a disciplinary and are characterized by a very specific area of origin, sometimes with an indication of a sub-area, and can be a restriction of the same DOC: after all, for the DOCG to bear a wine must be been recognized DOC for at least 10 years.

The DOCG wine specifications cover the same types of rules as the DOC ones, but the values to be respected are more stringent: for DOCG wines there is a double examination, the second during bottling, and on the label the indication is also mandatory vintage (except for bubbles).

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