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The Padelletti Family Winery is still the last to be visited in the historic center of the country: under the family’s historic residence everything remained the same as it was four centuries ago, in 1571, when the Padelletti family began producing wine. Here, until the harvest of 2017, the grapes arrived, here the vinification took place, in cement tanks, but also aging, in the large oak barrels. Here, however, the 20,000 bottles of wine produced each year still find a place, between Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino, of which a small part is kept every year, enriching the Padelletti Family Reserve, a historical archive of great value, not only economic, but also enological and cultural.

From 2018, however, the processing part has been moved to the new cellar, built under the Padeletti family farm, between Montalcino and Sant’Antimo: vinification, like aging, in the characteristic stone room and wooden beams, which houses the large oak barrels, but also the bottling, they moved here, where space is sufficient to accommodate the best technologies, because history and tradition, without the help of innovation, have no future.

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