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In our online wine shop Montalcino Wine Shop you can find the selection of the best Italian and international wines at an unbeatable price. Born from our experience and desire to introduce the wines of Montalcino.

Carlotta & Silvano – #WineLovers

In the 1800s and the early decades of the 1900s, the Padelletti family was among the richest in agricultural properties. But not surprisingly, however, since ancient times, the vineyards have been planted and cultivated on the “Rigaccini” farm, a fertile basin that rises slightly downhill at the foot of the Montalcino hill.

The exposure of the vineyards for an optimal insolation, the particularly favorable microclimate, the soils, together with the wise work carried out by the Ripaccioli family, first on the vineyards and then in the cellar, allow to obtain high quality wines with unique characteristics.

le gode

“E dove non è vino non è amore; né alcun altro diletto hanno i mortali.”

Euripide (480 a.C.- 406 ca. a.C.)
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turi e carlotta

Our history

Born in the world of Brunello thanks to their respective companies, Silvano and Carlotta are passionate about the world of wine. Wishing to learn about other wineries, they will share their experiences with you.


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